Winter Hair & Scalp Care Tips

So it's starting to feel like winter, and one of the most common questions that we get asked is: "How do I take care of my hair and my scalp in the winter?" or "My hair feels dry and my scalp feels dry and it's flaking, what do I do?"

There are a few things we have found work over the years:

Starting in your house, make sure that you have a humidifier or something to help put some moisture back in the air. Our furnaces and heaters just sucks a lot of moisture out of the air. We feel it in our skin (including our scalp), and often our hair. If you air dry clothes on a drying rack in your house, try moving the rack into your bedroom before you sleep to add additional moisture into the air.

To get rid of old, dead, dry skin from your scalp, you can use an exfoliant scrub. We recommend Virtue's Exfoliation Scrub because it moisturizes while it exfoliates, plus it rinses out well.

If you're looking for a DIY scalp exfoliant, just to add brown sugar to your regular shampoo (in your palm, not in the bottle).

1. Squeeze shampoo into your palm

2. Add about a quarter size scoop of brown sugar *Make sure it is brown sugar, not white sugar, as white can be too abrasive for your scalp!)*

3. Then really work those granules in to the scalp area to help exfoliate any of that dead skin

4.Rinse Really well

5. Follow the process with another wash of just normal shampoo and rinse, rinse, rise to get all of those granules out.

Again, if you want an higher quality, more moisturizing scalp scrub/exfoliant or you're just not into the DIY stuff, we recommend you check out Virtue's Exfoliating Scalp Scrub.

We also recommend that you add moisture to your hair and scalp during this season. We recommend deep conditioning. One of our favorites is the HAU Hair Pack. This is deep conditioning treatment for your ends but it's also going to help provide moisture to the scalp. Although it contains a lot of moisture, we've found that it is not too heavy even for our fine hair clients. It actually restores body and volume and keeps hair from laying flat, even in the winter weather. It's super easy to use, just shampoo hair as normal, towel dry, and wear for 20-60 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly, dry, and style as usual. If your scalp is extra dry or your hair is thick, we recommend scooping some serum from the cap and applying it directly to the scalp first and then applying the remainder of the serum from the pack throughout the hair.

(If you have super dry, thick, curly, or very long hair you may need a little more serum, than what comes in the cap. You can get the serum in a bottle to use with the cap. HAU Serum can also replace your normal conditioner in between treatments, and is great because it can be applied to the roots and scalp without weighing your hair down like conditioners would. The rich moisturizes and skin care ingredients make this a powerful facial for scalp and deep conditioner for hair and a must have for the winter.

A lot of people have also asked us if they should switch their normal shampoo and conditioner in different seasons. Some people may actually find this useful! What might have been too heavy or too much moisture in summer might be just enough for you during winter. So if you buried products under your sink because they were too heavy or too moisturizing, you may want to try them again in the winter. If your conditioner doesn't seem to be adding enough moisture in the winter, you can try another or just add a leave in conditioner. Our favorite leave in conditioner right now is Shuga's Leave in Dry Conditioner. It's an easy to use aerosol, can be used on wet or dry hair, and it smells absolutely amazing. Perfect for adding moisture to wet hair and refreshing dry or frizzy ends when dry.

If you need help finding the right shampoo/conditioner combo for your hair, we recommend our Test Box. This box will allow you to sample different shampoos and conditioners that are custom selected by our professional hair stylists and beauty industry experts based on your hair type. Our test box eliminates all of the guess work for you!

We hope these tips help you learn to love you hair even in winter! If you have questions, we'd love to hear from you!

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