Why That Hair Product Under Your Sink May Not Be That Bad...

Knowing which hair products are right for your hair is not always easy. We often buy new bottles of hair products and we try them a few times. If we decide they don't seem to cut it, we often tell ourselves, "we'll try again later" or "maybe I can give that to my friend"...then we hide it under the sink in our product graveyard.

But how often do we go back to try again? If we try it the same way, does it change the end results? Usually not. Is it worth trying again? Sometimes it absolutely is!

Knowing how to use the hair products you have selected will go a long way towards satisfaction of the end results. Using hair products correctly is just as important as knowing what hair products to buy.

Here's a few of the hair product application mistakes we most often encounter and how you should avoid them!

Liberal Application is KEY

Too often people are stingy, "cinchy" or "too conservative" with their products. They don't get it evenly applied, which can make it appear that the product didn't work. Try applying your product and then combing it through. If you are applying a product to reduce frizz or tame curls, you will want to make sure the hair is thoroughly saturated with product, so they can create a "cast" or coating around the hair to seal in moisture and lock out frizz. Don't worry about getting hair that is too stiff. You can re-scrunch (if curly) or brush through (if straighter) to soften hair when completely dry. You can even add a little oil if you want to break down the hold.

Pay Attention To Where and How You Spray

Aerosols or spray products (volumizing foams, sea salt sprays, etc.) should be sprayed in specific places or evenly all over depending on the product directions. People often close their eyes to avoid getting spray in them, however, how can you see where you are applying product or if it is being applied evenly? Most of the time, you're spraying more product in the air around you than actually on your hair.

Most often, people spray product too close to the hair or too far away. Pay attention to the specific product directions to get the best results.

Too close and you may get a wet spot in one area, not an even distribution of product and it may be too sticky.

Too Far and you don't get a good coating so the product is basically useless.

You want to try to hold sprays 8-10 inches away from the head. Make sure the opening of the bottle is pointed in the direction you want the spray to go. If your hair is longer, you can flip your head upside down to apply aerosols to the under part of your hair. You can also apply volumizing foams in this way. Just spray the foam onto your hands, then work the majority of the product to your fingertips. Flip over and scrub at the scalp. You may need to reapply more if you feel only part of your roots got covered. Flipping upside down will allow the hair to stand off of your head and make it easier to get fingers down to the root area.

Emulsify, Emulsify, Emulsify

When you are using a puck, cream, wax, paste, etc. Make sure you rub the product between your hands until you no longer see the product. This is called emulsifying the product and will make it easier to apply.

When you can't see the product on your hands anymore, you should be able to clap your hands and still feel some tackiness. At that point, place your hands on your head and apply the product to your hair in a shampooing motion. Get it nice and evenly applied. THEN you can start placing the hair where you want it to lay.

Too often people with short hair scoop some paste out, rub it slightly between the hands (if at all), and then go right for placing their "pieces" or hair where they want it. This doesn't allow the product to evenly spread, which can cause "spiderwebs" of product in your hair, chucky bits of product in your hair, hair that is stiff in some areas and poofy or not tamed in others, etc.

These are just a few of the most common mistakes of hair product application. We know it can be hard to follow written directions for applying hair product, so we will be updating you with "how to" visuals, and added advice throughout the week on our blog and Instagram.com/edifybeauty

Let us know if you have any questions!!!

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