Why is Scalp Health Important?


Hair that is healthy looks and feels better. So, when your hair is healthy, you don't need to buy as many products to make your hair look healthy, like shine sprays, oils, volumizers, etc.

Now imagine a healthy plant.

A healthy plant:

-Grows Up and out

-Has a Rich and Shiny Color

-Is Hearty and Resilient

When the soil lacks nutrients and moisture the plant:

-Lies flat and Hangs limp

-Becomes Dull and Faded

-Is Dry and Brittle

Your hair is like a plant, your scalp is like the soil!

Nourish your scalp and the hair will grow faster, with a healthy appearance of shine, volume and lift at the root, lightweight bounce and body through the ends, and will be less prone to damage and breakage.

Proper diet, staying hydrated, and balancing stress levels will help immensely with creating an environment for growing healthy hair!

If you have a hard time maintaining the previously mentioned or you are undergoing other factors that have impacted your hair condition, we recommend trying HAU Hair Packs to boost hair health.

We have tried several scalp remedies and hair care products with skin care ingredients to promote scalp health. Our personal favorite at Edify Beauty is HAU Hair Packs because HAU. Why? These Hair Masks deliver a high dose of nourishing extracts that soak directly in to the scalp to promote healthier hair growth and balances the scalp moisture. They also contain premium skin care ingredients. This means oily scalps and dry flaky scalps will balance out and you can enjoy longer days between shampoos without greasy roots, flaking, itching, irritation, and other annoying scalp issues.

As an added bonus, the ingredients also help to moisturize, and condition the hair ends and regenerate the cuticle for a healthier, more brilliant hair condition over all.

You can read more and purchase them at hauhairpacks.com

If you don't have time for the weekly mask, replace your conditioner with HAU serum. You will use it the same way you use would use your normal conditioner except you will apply it on the scalp as well as coating the hair ends.

If you hair is in great condition but you are looking to be more cost effective, AND you just have scalp issues... you can shampoo as usual, use HAU Serum just on the scalp, and your current conditioner on the ends or try Malibu Scalp Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner. Malibu also has Treatment Crystal Packets which can break up and remove any mineral deposits or build up from the hair and scalp. This will help your hair stay light with body and volume at the root, rather than hanging limp or laying flat at your roots.

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