To Cut Or Not To Cut? When Growing Your Hair Out

If you are trying to grow out your hair, I suggest scheduling your trims for every 10-12 weeks. Do not skip your trims. There is something that happens around the 12 week mark where split ends that were once a small fork at the end of the hair strand, starts to split further and further up, until it eventually snaps (I explain this more below). This means you will wind up with split ends further and further up leading to either unhealthy looking long hair, or a trim that will require more length be taken off than I am sure you want.

Note: For this reason, if you are a person who schedules every 12 weeks because you want to go as long as possible, and you run into a scheduling issue where 12 weeks will not work, choose to come before 12 weeks. So if you have to choose between 11 or 13 weeks...ALWAYS choose 11.

If you are desperately wanting to push it out longer, I suggest using HAU Hair Treatment Masks on your hair weekly. This is the only product I have found so far that will actually help hold any current split ends together and prevent the formation of new ones. My clients, and myself included have been able to go significantly longer between trims...about 6-9 months, as opposed to the standard 3 months.

This time table is an approximation for most people, but if you are trying to push it as long as you can, you must pay close attention to your hair and what it is telling you.

Once you notice split ends, it's time for a trim.

If you only notice a few, you can do a maintenance trim on them at home.

If you are noticing a sprinkle throughout, it's time for a trim.

One your hair has split ends, "or forks" on the ends, it is only a matter of time before these little forks start to separate up the hair strand, and part of it will snap off. Just like a wishbone on Thanksgiving. Now the hair strand remaining is half the width and strength, which usually leads to the second half breaking off. This is what leads to those fuzzy, dry, rough, tangly well as lots of little "fly away" hairs. Hair can look stringy on the ends, or very "fuzzy" and unhealthy throughout.

Split end damage causes many people to feel like their hair isn't growing, or just won't grow past a certain length, when really they just need regular trims.

If you color your hair every 4-6 weeks to cover the band of natural hair growing in...then your hair IS growing.

If this is you and you know you have been skipping trims because you want to grow it out, it's probably time to get on a regular trim schedule.

My clients that come in for regular "dustings" or "baby trims" where we cut off as little length as possible every 10-12 weeks, see a noticeable difference.

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