The Best Hair Spray

Many of my clients cringe at the thought of hair spray. As soon as I say the words "Hair Spray" they start thinking "sticky and stiff."

Many of my clients also battle, frizz, fly aways, bangs that just wont stay where they put them, the occasional spider web in their hair from texture creams improperly used in short hair (especially the guys), and many many other things that a really good hair spray will combat.

My Favorite Hair Spray:

Aquage Finishing Spray


It layers...meaning the more you use the more firm it will get. It has a very light hold that you can still run a brush or comb through, but you can spray heavily and get a very firm hold that I can trust will hold a bridal updo in place all day...even in the humidity.

As a professional hair stylist, and industry educator, I can safely say I have tried hundreds of hair sprays...not only on myself, but also on my clients.

Aquage Finishing spray is loved by almost every one of my clients for a wide variety of concerns. If you are wondering if hairspray would be good for your hair concern, post it below. If you have tried Aquage Finishing Spray and you felt it lacked something you were looking for, contact me and I may be able to recommend a different solution that meets your specific needs.

Find it in our store right here at Edify Beauty! This will help keep this an unbiased ad free space, focused on sharing honest hair advice.

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