How To Use Hot Rollers

Do you have hot rollers hiding in your home? Hot Rollers are one of the easiest and gentlest ways to get volume and curl in your hair, yet so easily forgotten.

They can help you get that "salon blow out" look, with out the round brushing. Hot rollers also offer a great alternative to curling irons as they can save you time and prevent damage. As awesome as they are, hot rollers are often forgotten or used incorrectly, but when you know how to use them, they can quickly transform from a graveyard dud... to your new best friend & hero item in your hair wardrobe!

Below we have given you some tips and a couple different ways to style your hair with your rollers. Many of the fundamentals you will learn below can be applied to any roller set styling. You can experiment with the placement of your rollers for different looks, If you have questions or special requests, please let us know in the comments section.

Before you get started, grab your rollers, dust them off, and look at the size...

If you can wrap your hair two or more times around the barrel, you hair will look curled when you finish styling. The more times it wraps around the tighter the curl will look.

If your hair wraps less than one and a half to two times around, then you will get more body and volume, with a little flip at the ends, rather than a full curl.

If your hot roller set has various sizes, you can use the bigger rollers through the top of the head and the smaller rollers on the lower sections of the head. This will give you lift and body on the top and more curled/flippy ends.

If you feel you have the wrong size rollers for you at home, and would like help picking the right hot rollers for you, please text “help me find rollers” to 317.377.4550

Tips on Using Your Hot Rollers:

1. Make sure your hair is completely dry before using hot rollers

2. Use Fiber Mousse from scalp to ends to create “memory” or a light-weight hold to the hair that will ensure a smoother and longer lasting style.

How To Use Fiber Mousse for Roller Sets:

I. Wash hair

II. Towel dry

III. Shake the Fiber Mousse Can

IV. Squirt a small palm size amount of mousse into palm

V. Rub hands together like you are washing them, get between the fingers and around both sides of your hands

VI. Flip head upside down and use a “shampooing” motion to apply the product to the entire scalp (top and bottom)

VII. Use the remaining product on your hands to rake your fingers through your hair like little claw combs (if you feel like there is not very much product left on your hands at this point, or not enough to lightly coat ALL of your ends, add a little more to your palm and apply. You can scrunch your hair as you do this to help the product spread throughout and/or brush/comb through.

VIII. Blow dry or Airdry completely before proceeding to hot rollers.

3. Too much hair per rollers will give you a looser curl at the top and may result in the style not lasting as long.

4. Be mindful of where you put the clips or pins. If a clip of pin is bending or pinching the hair, you may get a crease. Having the roller, rolled tightly, will help to avoid a crease.

If you are having trouble: Pay attention to where you are holding the roller to help you find the right place to secure the roller with the pins or clips,

5. “Over direct” the hair to get more volume and lift, that true “blowout” look. What is overdirecting? when you pull the section of hair you are going to roll, to the opposite side of where it will lay. Then you roll it starting from that direction.

Example: Instead of pulling your hair up to the ceiling and rolling it down toward your head…Start by holding the hair out in front of your forehead and roll back toward your forehead.

6. To get the front part of your hair to swoop across your face (like a side swoop bang type look): start with the roller on top of the hair and roll back.

7. To get hair to lift off of the face and then swoop back (kind of like an S-shape rather than a C-shape): start with the hair over the roller, rolling under to the head.

How to Quickly Style Long Hair with Hot Rollers for Curl:

1. Plug in your hot rollers and let them heat up

2. Gather and secure your hair into a loose low ponytail (hair should be completely dry before rolling)

3. Grab a small section of the ponytail with one hand

4. With the other hand grab a roller from the heating case and place it halfway down the strand.

5. Using the hand holding the hair, wrap the bottom half of the section hair around the roller and tuck the ends so they lay smoothly around the roller

6. Immediately (so the ends stay tucked…if they pop out go back to step 5) start rolling the roller with both hands the rest of the way up the strand till it meets the ponytail holder.

7. Secure the roller with the metal pins or clips that came with your rollers

8. Repeat with the remainder of the hair in the ponytail. Taking smaller sections for thicker hair will help the curl set and last longer and/or give you more curls if you do not have thick hair. Take bigger sections for less curls or if your hair is thinner hair.

To Get Volume and Body:

1. Plug in your hot rollers and let them heat up

2. Using a comb, starting at the top of your head, make a part starting above the middle of your eye (the same way you do to part your hair in the middle or on a side) Do this on both sides to create a “mohawk” section of hair. Note: This should not be wider than the width of your roller.

3. Using the small side of the roller, place the roller on the part, touching your forehead. Then measure from your forehead away from your face to the end of the roller and create a horizontal part which will make your first section (At this point you should have made an approximate 1”x 2” rectangular section just above your nose)

4. Pick how you would like the from to swoop (see above tips) and wrap appropriately.

5. Wrap the entire mohawk section back as far as you can go. Then wrap the sides horizontally…MOST IMPORTANT PART: Over direct hair (see what this is above). Every roller you put in, above the ears, should be overdirected. Bottom rollers can be placed horizontally, but do not need to be over directed (you can roll them from the floor up).

6. Make sure rollers cool COMPLETELY before removing for the most body and bounce and a longer lasting style.

FINISH your style and keep it all day with our favorite hair spray! Aquage Finishing Spray will keep your curl but leave your hair touchable!

Questions? If you have questions, special requests, or would like help finding something we have recommended...Please post in the comments section or TEXT 317.377.4550

Happy Hair Days!

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