How to Trim Split Ends at Home (Quarantine Hair Care)

Seeing a lot more split ends, breakage, frizz and flyaways in 2020 because you're quarantined or salons are still shut down due to Covid-19 in your area?

Well, you can easily give yourself a trim at home! (We are talking a small maintenance trim, please don't try to give yourself a hair cut! Quarantined or not, we don't want you walking around with chunks missing from your hair!)

Start by brushing your hair out. Then hold it up a small section at a time. Find the ends of the hair where there's like a little fork at the end or like it looks like almost kind of like a little white ball at the very tip of the hair. You are literally just going to cut off that little tiny piece it's a very tedious process but since we are stuck at home, we've all got lots of time! We don't recommend cutting more than one hair at a time, because that's when you can make a mistake and end up missing a lot more hair than you intended. This can be done while you're doing other things, like talking to a girlfriend on the phone or even while watching tv!

It's important to trim split ends, otherwise the damage will continue up the shaft and cause even more breakage. (Think of it like a wishbone at Thanksgiving! What we are wishing for here is healthier hair that grows longer and stronger!) Your ends should be trimmed about every 12 weeks, more often if you're seeing a lot of damage. (But if that's the case, it's probably time to look into some damage repair! Check our Damage Repair Hair Box!) Your hair may need some extra moisture and conditioning to keep split ends at bay between trims. We recommend HAU Hair Pack (use code GET50 at checkout to get 50% off sale price for a limited time) or HAU Conditioning Serum.

Stay healthy...and still have healthy hair by giving yourself a trim at home!

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