How To Find The Best Shampoo and Conditioner For You

Finding a shampoo and conditioner you LOVE, can seem like a never ending journey.

Have you ever bought a bottle of shampoo and immediately knew you didn't like it.

Maybe you didn't like the smell, or the lather during the shampooing process. Maybe you don't feel like your hair got clean. Maybe it was too heavy, or left a residue...or worse it felt stripped and dry.

Have you ever bought shampoo and really loved it at first, but after a few months it just doesn't seem to be as great as it was? Maybe it feels coated, doesn't get as clean, or just doesn't have that nice look or feel anymore.

Ever tried a conditioner and immediately you knew it was not a match? Not conditioning enough, or too heavy feeling?

The truth is, the dissatisfaction we experience with hair care is no mistake. Part calculated game, part a lack of understanding from the hair care companies. With thousands of shampoos on the market, you may be shocked to learn that most of your "choices" lie in the hands on 7 mega beauty conglomerates. You can read more on that here.

So how can you decide if a shampoo and conditioner is right for you?

At one point in time I may have had ingredient suggestions...things to use and things to stay away from.

But over the years as a professional stylist, industry educator, working with cosmetic chemists and brand leaders...I have uncovered the hard truth. The industry is so muddled with false information, and there is such a lack of truthful insight about haircare products and ingredients. Most of the information we hear about ingredients, is purely rooted in marketing hype...not actual science. Sulfate, Parabens cause Even credible sources like the EWG and Think Dirty, have money motivated biased information that makes ingredients look better or worse depending on how it makes their partners look.

(If you are interested in any of this information, please comment and I can include links and resources).

As an end consumer, and even a professional. They best way to know if a product works is to buy it and try it.

I generally start by looking at price point and avoiding bottom barrel prices, which do not leave room for quality. Quality ingredients which are most beneficial, are not cheap. That being said, products do not have to be expensive to work. In fact, I know a chemist who reviewed a brand that charges $100+ for a bottle of shampoo, but upon review of their formulation, the quality was comparative to dollar store suave. Proving that just because hair care is expensive, does not ensure it is quality.

When picking your hair care budget, keep in mind that a quality shampoo and conditioning regimen will dramatically reduce the amount of styling products needed to look and feel healthy, and will make hair look and feel healthier and more manageable.

Once you find a product that feels good upon initial use, I would recommend using only the new product, for 3-4 months continually. After 3-4 months, all of your old hair care has washed away, as well as any residual benefit you were getting from them, and the new product has time to work and provide noticeable benefit. If you hair looks and feels good after 3-4 months of continual use, you have a winner. If the hair care you are using doesn't seem to be doing the trick any more, it's time to look again.

Don't feel discouraged if you have been buying and trying for some time, with little luck. Like I said, The majority of the choices available either do not work great to start, or are "band aid" "quick fix" products that make your hair feel great when you first use them and then tend to fizzle out and leave you wanting something more.

So, what do you do when you don't like the product you are trying?

Most of us throw hair products we don't like under the sink. I would suggest donating unwanted products, or finding alternative uses (like using shampoo as body wash and conditioner as shaving lotion).

If you are tired of buying and trying, stay tuned for Elevate Beauty's Ultimate Shampoo Launch. It is the presale we have been anxiously awaiting and you won't want to miss it! This company is breaking industry standards by focusing on what consumers need, rather than what they think their customers want. Focusing on science not marketing hype. Their formula is built from global research, built by a stylist and cosmetic chemist, tried a true by stylists and industry experts and loved by customers with all hair types and concerns and you can tell after the first use.

If you are looking for a way to sample a variety of brands that have passed an initial "quality check", so you can target your search to preference of smell, lather, feel and experience and cut out the products that simply do not work...check out Edify Beauty's Test Box.

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