HAU Premium Hair Serum...HOW and WHY?

We get a lot of questions about HAU Hair Care Premium Serum. Perhaps the most common question that we get is, "HOW is it different from HAU Hair Packs?" Although it's very similar it does list the ingredients in a different order, so it is possible that the amounts of key ingredients differ. However, we see very similar results with our clients who LOVE the serum vs those that LOVE the HAU Hair Cap. Also, obviously, the serum does not come with a convenient cap to wear and trap in heat (however, one might could use a shower cap to create a similar effect.)

One box of HAU Hair Packs contains 200g of serum in 5 packs (or 40g of serum per pack.) One bottle of HAU Premium Hair Serum also contains 200g. So, if you have short hair, you might be able to stretch out the use of product by using the bottle of serum vs a hair pack. This is especially true if after using a hair pack, you remove it to see the cap still contains a lot of wasted serum that did not absorb into your hair.

We typically recommend that HAU Premium Serum be used in addition to the HAU Hair Pack (or cap) as part of your normal maintenance routine. So, basically, you would use this in place of your normal conditioner. The difference would be in HOW you apply. We recommend applying liberally, especially on scalp and ends. Thoroughly coat the scalp and hair. (Most people condition only mid-way on the hair shaft to the ends.)

HAU Serum actually has a lot of essential oils, vitamins, and nutrients that

help promote a healthier scalp and it's also going to help balance the

scalp's moisture. (This is great news for all those with oily hair, we've actually seen several clients get to wash LESS! But also great news for those with dry scalp as well...it's the best of both worlds because it's working with YOUR body and hair's needs. We recommend a quarter to half dollar sized amount. Use your hands and

work it through, starting at the top and then work it all the way through to the ends. You may even need to use just a little bit more depending on how long or thick your hair is. Just make sure you feel it is well-coated.

How long you leave it in for is up to you, convenience and hair type. We recommend letting it sit in your hair for a minimum of 5-10 minutes. We normally tell clients to shampoo and use serum first thing in the shower and then wash your body and do whatever else you need to do (like shave your legs!) and then rinse the serum out at the very end. Some people may need to leave it in longer than others. We feel that the longer it sits, the more absorbs, so let those vitamins and extracts really penetrate the scalp and the hair. We even have curly girls that benefit from using a small amount of serum as a leave-in! Just use a pea-sized amount and comb through with fingers. This really combats frizz and that extreme dryness before they do a blow out.

For those with thick, coarse, or a LOT of hair, we recommend using serum on the scalp and roots and then applying a hair pack, as well. Some of us just need more hair love than others.

Remember, you can replace your normal conditioner with this salon treatment! Just shampoo, apply serum, wait 5-10 minutes, rinse thoroughly, and style as normal.

Ready to buy? Get yours at HAUHairPacks.com

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