How to Brush And DETANGLE Your Child's Hair

You would be surprised at how many moms and dads don't know how to properly brush their child's hair. There is a way to do it, without making them scream! No more torturing our children trying to get that "rat's nest" out.

The main thing that you want to do (and the thing most people get wrong) is start at the ends. Grab a chunk of the hair and then start at the ends and then work your way up. If it starts catching you've gone up too fast, so start back down at the bottom and just

scoop the hair as you're working your way up to get the tangles out.

If your child has a very sensitive head, a way to help them not be in pain is to put the hair in a ponytail and hold it really firm as you brush, again starting at the ends. This will ensure that the brush is not pulling those little individual hairs. Those little guys can hurt!

If you have really tough tangles, grab a rat tail comb. Go through and pick at the tangles with the end of the comb one at a time and it will make it much easier to brush through.

If you are working on a very tender head, try sectioning the hair into several ponytails and take the tension off the other areas as you're brushing.

We've seen great de-tangling results using HAU Premium Hair Serum in place of a regular conditioner, as well as results from a weekly HAU Hair Pack treatment. This gets rid of tangles fast and keeps hair soft and manageable with much less tangling for several days to follow! (Ready to try a HAU Hair Pack? Buy here

Watch for more tips!

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