Blue or Purple Shampoo?

What's the difference in purple and blue shampoo?

Why are they useful? Who needs them?

Toning shampoos like blue shampoo and violet/ purple shampoo are usually used on light hair, like blondes, light highlights, naturally white, silver, and grey hair. Most people need these shampoos when they have blonde hair and they are trying to get rid of unwanted tones in their hair, like golden or orange tints aka "brassiness".

Our hair contains melanin that is removed during the lightening process (going blonde, going platinum, lighter than your natural hair color, highlights, etc.) But, the yellow molecules from the melanin actually rebuild over time. So even if you leave the salon with a cool blonde hue to your hair, after three or four weeks, you may notice it starts to look yellow. In order to combat the yellow tones at home between appointments, try using a toning shampoo.

In short, purple shampoo helps to remove unwanted yellow tones from the hair, and blue shampoo cancels the orange tones in hair. So, you would use the violet/ purple shampoo when your hair tones are yellow...and you would

use the blue shampoo when your hair tones are gold or orange.

Purple Shampoo is also recommended for naturally silver or white hair, to bring out the brightness and whiteness. Some white and silver hair can adopt a yellow hue from a number of things including hard water deposits. The purple shampoo will cancel out the yellow, bringing you beautifully bright, white hair.

Tips If You are Not Sure if Blue or Purple is right for you:

-If you're not sure which one to use try the violet/ purple shampoo first because the blue could give it a greenish

tint if there is not enough "orange to cancel out".

-If you use purple shampoo, but should have used blue instead, you probably won't see much of a change, if at all. So, if you still see the brassiness or unwanted tones after using the violet shampoo, then transition into the blue shampoo.

Again, theses shampoos are recommended mostly for blondes. If you're a brunette you probably don't need won't be able to see ay noticeable change, unless you're trying to tone highlights, which would probably fall into the blue category in most cases.

If you still have questions. Post a comment below or reach out to us! We'd love to help you!

If you are looking for a good quality purple shampoo that is color safe and sulfate free check out our favorite REF "Cool Silver Shampoo" It's also safe for Vegan use!

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