Being smart with how you blow dry can save you time, frustration, and improve your end results. We took some of the most common blow dry mistakes and made some suggestions for better ways to dry.

#1 Point the blow dryer in the same direction the hair cuticle lays (think of blinds, you want them closed, and laying down on top of each other not open and out…open and out is part of what is creating what we see as frizz).

The blow dryer should be pointed from roots to ends, never ends to roots.

So don’t blow dry your hair upside down with the blow dryer held low and aimed up toward your face. You would hold the blow dryer above your hair blowing down and then move the blow dryer down the hair so you dry the ends in the proper direction.

#2 Make sure the roots are 100% dry if you want any lasting volume.

Warm hair can give the illusion it is dry, even if it is still slightly damp. If your hair, especially in the root area, is still slightly damp it will fall flat from the extra weight of the water.

To make sure roots are dry, try using the “cool shot” (usually a blue button) on your blow dryer. Just hold the button to make the air come out cold, then direct the air on your roots. You will be able to feel hair that is still slightly damp is cooler on your scalp, and you should notice the difference in feel of dry and damp hair, by running your fingers through your hair. You can then go back with the warmer air to dry those areas, and check again. Repeat this process until all is dry.

#3 Dry hair 80% before you start using a brush (a round brush, paddle brush, etc.).

This will prevent damage, help the dry time go faster, and ensure that your hair gets smoother when you do use the brush.

Too many people use their brush too early and get tired of smoothing before the hair has completely dried. They rush, don’t check, or decide they do not want to go back over “finished sections”. This can lead to hair partially shrinking back to it’s natural state, meaning you wind up with frizz or poufiness.

NOTE: If you are wavy, curly or have those pesky little hairs the kink up by your face… during the first 80% of your blow dry without a brush….focus drying the hair around your face FIRST, with tension from your fingers. To do this, try grabbing the smaller baby hairs near your face and pulling them taught in the direction you want them to lay. This will ensure a smoother blow out, and prevent you from needing to touch up with a flat iron, which can be more damaging as it is directly touching the hair with the heat.

Our Favorite Product to Blow Dry With:

If you want to save more time with your blow dry, try KMS Quick Blow Dry Spray. It helps your hair to separate, rather than clump together, so air can reach all the hair easier and dry faster! Just shake, spray thoroughly, brush or comb through, and spray some more if your hair is thick. Then Blow dry as usual. We love it because it does the job and is so lightweight, you can’t even feel it when your finished drying. It provides minimal conditioning to help detangle prior to drying, but it is not too heavy for fine hair. Just a few extra seconds in the beginning, will save you a significant amount of time styling over all.

For more moisture try Aquage Silkening Oil, which will also decrease dry time. It will not make the dry time as fast as the Quick Blow Dry Spray, but it can be a better option for value driven, curly to extremely curly types, because it acts as both…an oil and a way to speed up blow dry time.

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