2 Quick Tips To GROW Your Hair Out Faster

1. Get Regular Trims, and know what you are asking for.

99% of my clients require a trim, every 10-12 weeks. This is to prevent and/or clean up split ends; which can lead to breakage and the prevention of noticeable growth.

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When going in for your trim, keep in mind an inch literally means an inch to your stylist. There seems to be this misconception that "an inch" is "salon talk for just a little bit off". So before you ask for an inch off your hair, make sure you look at a ruler. If you're looking to just get the split ends off, a light dusting, or baby trim, you may want to ask for more like 1/4" off.

2. Use Vitamins. Many people try Biotin, or Hair, Skin, and Nails. I have seen several clients have success with this method. I have also had clients return to tell me that they have noticed their nails have become much stronger, but they did not notice a difference in their hair. Since we orally ingest these vitamins, our body chooses how to disperse the nutrients.

What I prefer is HAU HAIR PACK VITAMIN TREATMENT Masks once or twice a week, if possible. If you don't have time to dedicate to the mask, use HAU Serum, in place of conditioner, and the masks whenever you can. This hair care line delivers a variety of vitamins and extracts directly to the hair and scalp. Not only will you notice faster hair growth, you can also bump your trims out a little longer (like even out to 6 months!) because the hair packs will help hold together existing split ends and prevent new ones. Additional benefits include balanced scalp moisture so you can go longer days between shampoos, and hair that looks and feels healthy. You can find them at hauhairpacks.com

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