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Hair Boxes are built to assist you on your hair journey.  Try products that are selected by pros to be appropirate for your hair type, and whose satisfaction rate was based on consumer feedback.  So stop guessing, and try a more targeted approach to hair product shopping!


This Box is built with a straight hair texture in mind.


A quiz will be sent to your email after your purchase, which will ask you additional questions...such as if your hair is thick or thin, fine or coarse, etc., to help us further customize your box experience.


Your box will arrive with 4-6 Full Size Premium Hair Products from a variety of brands, selected to be appropriate for your hair type.


Each box also includes  tips and advice on how to use your new products.


Give 2-3 weeks for fufillment, as they are all hand picked and packed.


We look forward to building your box.  If you have any questions please text 317.377.4550


Straight Box

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