This is the lazy girl's best friend, well everyone's hair's best friend...even men... you can use it to polish split ends, make air dryied hair look more finished like blow dries styles, tame poofy hair and frizz...the possibilities are vast!!!

This is my favorite product for ALL hair types.

It is great to add shine, softness, reduce frizz and fly aways, and condition the hair, yet is lightweight enough, even my client with baby fine hair love it.  When learning to love this product, start with less and add more untill you achieve your perfect amount, but feel free to experiment with it, it doesn't get greasy easily, you would have to use a ridiculous amount.

I use this product every time I shower and on every single client of mine.

I apply it wet and dry.

Wet: apply 2-5 pumps in hand and rub together. apply the oil on your hand to the hair, avoiding the 1-2 inches closest to your scalp (so your hair doesnt fall flat)  this will help to detangle, speed up drying, and makes the hair easier to work with

Dry: apply 1-3 pumps in your plam or fingertips and use to polish midshaft and ends of your hair. It will add shine and and help create finished looking styles. 


Aquage Silkening Oil

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