HAU Premium Hair Serum is designed to bring the same superior ingredients and results you have come to love with HAU Hair Packs, in convenient to use tube packaging.


There are three primary ways the Serum is designed to be used:

-In Place Of Conditioner

(Usually on wash days in between the HAU Hair Pack Treatments, on Men, or people who have very healthy hair to begin with)

-With, or Instead of, HAU Hair Packs.

-On Beards.



How To Use In Place Of Conditioner:

  • Thoroughly Wash Your Hair!!!

This is especially important if you use styling products in your hair that create hold. Ex: hairspray, gel, etc.) We recommend HAU Mango Shampoo, if you are using another brand of shampoo, be sure it does not create any sort of barrier that would prevent the serum from soaking into the hair.

  • LIBERALLY Apply HAU Premium Hair Serum.

You want all your hair to be evenly coated. Combing through with a wide tooth comb in the shower can sometimes be helpful. Pay Special attention to problem areas. Ex: Scalp for flaking, ends for damage, etc. The healthier your hair becomes, the less product will be necessary

  • Let The Serum Sit On Your Hair For A Minimum 5-15 Minutes.

We recommend washing your hair first, when entering the shower and applying the serum right away, so the serum can soak in while you shower, wash your body, etc.

  • Thoroughly Rinse!!! Make sure you rinse ALL the serum from your hair.

This may require you to run your fingers through your hair and really rinse well.

  • Style As Usual


When would you use HAU Premium Serum in Place of conditioner?

-If your hair is healthy and you do not need HAU Hair Packs

-If you do not use the HAU Hair Packs, but would benefit from the treatment.

-If you have curly or dry hair

-If you wash daily, or very regularly

-If you wash more than once a week AND you do not have fine hair WHEN USING HAU TREATMENTS

-If you have damaged hair

-If you have scalp concerns (ex: flaking, overly oily)

-If you use HAU Hair Packs, but are not consistent (weekly)

-If you use the HAU Hair Packs every two weeks, but wash in between

-If you have hair that is thinning

-If your hair is very long or dense (Use in addition to the HAU Hair Pack. We suggest applying to the scalp and combing through before applying the cap)


When to use HAU Premium Serum with HAU Hair Packs?

If your Hair is Long, Very Long, Thick, Dense, Extremely Curly, Very Dry, or Very Damaged you may want to apply additional serum to the scalp and ends as needed before applying a HAU Hair Pack.

A thorough application is key to a successful result. All of the hair and scalp should be noticeably coated.

If you are unsure if you need additional serum, but you fit the description above:

We recommend scooping a little serum out of your cap and applying it to the scalp.

Then scoop and apply the serum to your hair, or flip the cap inside out and run it over your hair.

Comb it through with a wide tooth comb and see if it ALL seems to be evenly coated.

If it is not, you will need additional serum.


When to use HAU Premium Serum instead of HAU Hair Packs?

If your hair is very short

How To Use Instead of Hair Packs:

Follow the same steps as “How To Use In Place of Conditioner”

But replace step 3 with:

  • Let The Serum Sit On Your Hair For A Minimum 20-60 Minutes.

We recommend wrapping your hair in some sort of cling wrap, a tight fitted shower cap, an old empty hair pack, etc. You want to trap the heat from your head in and avoid using something absorbent like a towel, as it will suck up your product.


Keep in mind that a single HAU Hair Pack Pouch contains the same amount of serum as 1/5th of a tube of Premium Hair Serum. So five standard hair pack applications fit in one tube.


Why do Men Use HAU Premium Serum on Beards?

-HAU Premium Serum Contains premium skin care ingredients that are just as beneficial for the skin on their face, as the hair in their beard unlike some beard oils and creams that can be harsh or drying to the skin.

-Beards feel softer and have a nice, healthy shine.

-Beards look fuller (especially great for men who have “patchy beards” or “can’t grow a beard”


How To Use HAU Premium Serum on Beards:

  • Thoroughly cleanse your beard.

We recommend using a face wash or a mild shampoo, such as HAU Mango Shampoo

  • Liberally apply the serum to coat all the hair in your beard
  • Let the serum sit on your beard for a minimum of 5- 20 min. The longer the better.

If possible, cover with some sort of cling wrap

  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Towel dry and enjoy!

HAU Premium Serum

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