Try this innovative new Hair Treatment in a Disposable Cap, for Revitalization, Repair, Moisture, and lightweight lift and body.  It will feel softer and shinier after one use...continue use weekly to see a notiable healthy hair transformation in as little as 3 months.  FOR ALL HAIR TYPES!!!!  Seriously...It makes every hair and scalp types look and feel noticably healthier when used correctly.  I highly recommend you watch a how to video before you use for the best experience :)


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HAU Hair Pack is a one of a kind sheet mask for your hair. This disposable hair cap is filled with a vitamin-rich serum that nourishes the scalp to promote healthy hair growth, and revitalizes dry damaged ends.

The results are “salon hair” at home. Your hair will be shiny, light, bouncy, soft to touch, and rich after one use.

Healthy hair and fine hair types will see benefits right away. Curly, dry and damaged hair will begin to notice the changes after packs 3-5.

Your hair will grow stronger from the root, creating natural volume and lift at the roots because your hair will become stronger and less prone to damage.


Like a nourished plant, it springs up and out, whereas a malnourished plant hangs limp. Your hair becomes shinier and color becomes richer. Your hair will become smoother and more manageable with a healthier appearance.

Like a multi-vitamin, HAU Hair Pack customizes itself to YOUR hair and scalp needs. Delivering the nutrients you need, and none of what you don't, but you must use it regularly! With continual use of HAU Hair Pack, the vitamins contained will help to balance scalp moisture, meaning longer days in between shampoos, and no more dry, itchy or flaky scalp.

Use 2 HAU Hair Packs the first week and one HAU Hair Pack each week after that. For expedited results or severely damaged or dry hair, use a pack every 3 days.

 Not available for sale outside of the U.S.A



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