The perfect mix of Gel and Cream, it has the hold and memory of a gel and the moisture of a cream.  


Who's it for?

Great for curly hair, wavy hair, unruly or frizz prone hair, and as a primer before curling hair.  Using prior to curling will help your style last longer with a hold  that is not stiff or tacky.  (To use as a primer apply wet, completely dry hair, then curl- see wet directions below)


How and When To Use:

Can be applied to wet or damp hair.  Not recommended for dry styling.

-Use generously to twist or scrunch curls and before drying.

-To add memory, moisture, and frizz protection to your blowout:

1.Start with a quarter size amount and rub between hands and fingers (like you are washing your hands). 

2. Run your fingers through and over your hair untill it is evenly coated.  I usually suggest combing or brushing thorough. 

3. Apply more as needed and style as usual


Tips for every application type:

Apply more where needed.  You want a nice balance of enough to coat your hair and create a barrier around your hair,  but not so much that it feels heavy or coated.  This formula is pretty forgiving so play around with the perfect amount for you. 


Gel Cream Shuga

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