Conditioning scrub to gently exfoliate and stimulate your scalp while removing debris and buildup from the hair.  Contains a human keratin derivative that is reparative over time.


How To Use:

Shampoo hair and scalp thouroughly, then massage this exfoliating scrub into the scalp for two to three minutes and run through the hair.  Rinse thouroughly.  They recommend a double rinse.  We love the exfoliation and how easy the product rinses out.


Some hair types do not need to follow with conditioner.  You can experiment yourself by skipping conditioner, and then applying conditioner the next time if you felt it was needed.

Hair types I would automatically use conditioner with when using this treatment in the salon would be: curly, extremely curly, very tangle prone, dry, or damaged hair. 


How Often to Use: We would use this as needed, not necessarily weekly as recommended by the manufacturer but it's up to you.  Unless you have experienced problems with over protinization of your hair, or have high fashion color, it probably won't hurt to use it more often. 

We suggest using as needed.  How often that is may vary from season to seaon.


When should you use it:

-When your scalp is dry

-To remove flakes or flakyiness in hair

-When you have build up on the scalp or in the hair


Exfoliating Scalp Treatment Virtue

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