This unique dryer attachment replaces the need for a diffuser.  

Help your curls dry faster, with less damage, and more lift and volume at the roots!

No more triangle know flat on top, big on the bottom.  


- Universal diffuser for All Curls
- Ceramic coated metal plate helps reduce drying time, preserving hair's natural moisture and luster
- High heat resistant material that is more resilient than plastic and has high impact resistance
- The unique and ergonomic design provides 360º air flow to gently dry from the inside out.
- Universal one-piece adapter that fits most commercially available hair dryers

New and improved durable DevaFuser with ceramic technology, now withstands high heat and dries curls quickly while preserving hair's natural moisture and luster with zero frizz. The patented DevaFuser design enhances your natural curls, dries curly hair faster than traditional diffusers, while creating body and touchable volume. This unique, universal diffuser deliver 360º airflow to completely surround curls even at your roots.


Who's It For?
Wavy or curly hair that wants enhanced definition, reduced frizz and shortened drying time
What Does It Do? - Unlike most diffusers, the DevaFuser enhances the appearance of natural curls by creating both definition and volume. Usually you have to sacrifice one for the other. 
- Its unique shape completely surround curls, delivering airflow even at your roots
- Created with a ceramic inner core to preserve hair's natural moisture and luster
- This diffuser is designed to fit most dryers


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