Not your traditional crunchy wet look gel.  This gives you the the definition of gel, but a soft natural and touchable finish.


Created by Lorraine Massey, the Original Deva Curl Creator.  This is the closest gel to the original Deva Curl "Defining Gel" or "Angel" depending on when you used the line.  More expensive than Deva Curl, and not yet available in liter bottles, it's a reach, but if you can afford it or are a "Deva die hard" that has been avidly looking for a's worth the splurge


This gel creates a cast around your curls as they dry to give you defined curls, seal moisture in, and prevent humidity.  Once the gel is dried completely you simply scrunch your curls again to "break off the cast" for soft touchable curls.


To Use with Curly Stying Tips: 

1. Bring the gel in the shower with you

2. Shampoo like normal 

3. Condition the hair, and be sure to get ALL the tangles out.  You can run your fingers through your hair till its tangle free.  You can also take a comb in the shower with you, if you feel your hands don't detangle enough or to encourage a different curl pattern.  Then part your hair and lightly rinse out the conditioner...leave most of the conditioner in, just lightly dip you head under the shower head to rewet, not to rinse out.  *You want to rinse your conditioner as the very last thing you do in the shower. 

4. Turn the water off and flip your head upside down in the shower (STILL SOPPING WET) and scrunch some of the water out with your  hands.  (When ends in your palm and scrunch to the scalp and squeeze holding for a second or two)

5. Place palm size amount of gel in your palm (I mean fill your whole palm!!!) and rub hands together to coat them.  

(You use a lot of gel...this is how this product needs to be well coated to create a cast to lock out humidity and keep your curls defined.  Some of my clients have been nervous to use a lot, fearing it will be hard or won't be!!! (The only complaints I have ever had about this product have been when guests do not use soon as they do their problems go away.) ***I CANT EMPASIZE THIS ENOUGH...USE ALOT OF THE GEL

6. Next glide your hands over the curls/waves gently to evenly distribute the gel

7. Scrunch the now coated hair to the scalp the same way you did to remove the excess water.  Scrunch with your head upside down, tilted to the side, tilted to the other side.  As you are doing this, your hand should be coated in gel the ENTIRE TIME.. you should be replacing the gel in your hand every couple of scrunches, and it should sound like a wet sneaker.

8. Grab a towel and do the same scrunching technique, HOLD it at the scalp for a few seconds to absorb the water...ideally you will scrunch each handful of hair 1, maybe two can go over the same sections with the towel up to three times...more than that and you can get frizzy...if your prone to frizziness use a t shirt or microfiber towel to scrunch instead of a normally towel.  Its much better to scruch slowly 1 or 2 times, than alot of scrunching quickly

9. Flip over and tilt to the side your hair falls to...then air dry or defuse...try to touch it as little as possible to reduce frizz

10. Once hair is completely dry, scrunch again for soft, defined curls/waves.  

It seems like a lot at first but it is so easy and quick after you do it a few times.


*Scrunching works best when used with deva curl shampoo and glides easier with the conditioner and allows more moisture and less frizz

*If you are prone to frizziness, try an old T-shirt instead of a towel 

*Do not rough up the hair with the towel.

*Do not run your fingers through your hair 

*Plopping (you can look it up on youtube) is a great technique to scrunch if your hair is curly or a strong wave and you want it to dry over night with extra body, or to preserve your curls as you sleep for great hair on day 2.

*Make sure the curls/waves are coated well, even if that means adding a little more gel to your hand as you scrunch in step 7

* is a great resource for tips and tricks for curly hair!

*There are videos on youtube for clipping hair while drying

Have Fun!!! Happy Scrunching!!! Let me know if you have any questions :)

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