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We are always looking for talented stylists with specialties. 

If you are:

a specialist in a particular hair service or technique

passionate about teaching your clients

passionate about teaching stylists (i.e. you are an educator)


or if you:

would like to be a mentor

are looking for a mentor

would like to teach for edify beauty

would like to earn on referrals to

would like to collaborate on edify beauty. 

Please Reach out.


We also have a Stylist Affiliate program, launching November 6th, where you can Earn 15% on all box and product purchases from

This allows you to earn on retail from your clients, without having to stock a wide variety of products from different places.  While taking a fully hands off approach, directing all their questions to us... or an involved approach, with additional earning potentials.

Simply Recommend boxes and products on Edify Beauty, to do the quiz consult, product selection, and basic education on products they receive.

Earn 15% on anything they purchase, with your unique referral link. 


sign up to  learn how to offer edify approved services, which teach around our products and methods.

you can be completely hands off and direct all their questions to us

you can act as a concierge, and ask questions for clients through our customer service line 

stay up to date and educated through edify beauty to offer advice, tips and tricks, as well as

training to perform edify consultations and to become an edify certified salon/salon professional. 

Use your certification as a way to attract new clients. 

Private store with exclusive product offerings for you and your guests.  


(Edify Beauties Affiliate Program)

(Invite Only, Can Submit Request Form)

Earn on box sales through our exclusive affiliate program.  As a small independent brand, word of mouth referrals are very appreciated and are impactful to our growth and overall success.  While we are growing we want to reward you for sharing.  This program will only be offered for a limited time to help us in our initial growth.  Once the program is finished, no new members will be allowed into the program, however EXISITNG affiliates, who helped us in the beginning...will continue to earn as we grow.  They will also earn the right to exclusive content, first looks, free samples, first dibs to try pilot programs, services and product offerings.  

Have a Blog?  Need fresh and original content to share with your audience? For Bloggers with (150,000 +) followers, we offer a complimentary consultation to get to know you and your brand. We can help you create custom hair advice specific to the interests of your audience.  We also love to do collaborative pieces, your ideas are welcome. 


The edify beauty brand, product offering, education, history, and founder history, make edify beauty a unique story to cover, as well as content rich resource to help you in almost any hair and hair industry related questions. 

Our dynamic and diverse background allows us to assist you, as a credible source, who can speak to a broad spectrum of audiences.


Get in Touch. 

For quickest response times, contact via text at 317.377.4550 Subject: Press or email

Sign up to be on our premium press list and get direct access quality custom insight with quick turn around times for requests on tight and last minute deadlines.  



Are you a brand that really believes in your product?

What's your story?

Are you willing to send your products in to be tested by a stylist on real people and reviewed online? 

We offer a unique way to reach your target audience, without a hefty price tag.  We understand what it is like to be a small brand with a limited marketing budget.  We want to even the playing field and help make it easier for quality brands that perform to be featured in our boxes without a cost of entry, mandatory marketing budget,  or large product/sample commitments.  

We just need 1-5 full size of each product you would like to submit for consideration, and any educational material that would help us to understand your product, customers, and brand better.

If selected, we will include your product(s) in our catalogue of edify approved products available for boxes. 

We order the products from you to put in our boxes.  If consumers love your products they will be available in future boxes and will become eligible for our online store.

So if you have a great product, but may be missing the budget to compete with the large hair conglomerates, or if you feel that your brand hasn't received the recognition it deserves, or maybe you just love your product and this idea...Contact us and let's give it a try!



Are you a cosmetic chemist that is passionate about hair products and truth.  Do you ever get frustrated with the misinformation in the industry?  Do you see the inconsistencies between hair marketing and hair truth.  Would you be willing to help us bring truth to the masses on haircare and beauty products, backed by science not marketing hype.  The founder of edify beauty, Michelle, is passionate about truth and integrity in products.  We are looking for passionate, educated, integrity filled chemists to collaborate with.  If this sounds like you or someone you know, please reach out!





Are you a dermatologist or health professional that is passionate about your work, particularly having to do with hair and scalp conditions, and possibly hair products?  Do you have insight that can help people learn about their hair, scalp, and hair products.  Things to look out for, things to promote health, etc.  Would you be willing to collaborate with other hair professionals to help bring hair advice that is practical for health and esthetic to the masses.  If so, we would love to hear from you!

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