about edify beauty.


To empower consumers to work with and love their hair, by providing practical advice backed with the "why" not just the "what", so you can make your own decisions, as an educated consumer.


Edify Beauty is a Professionally driven, and consumer focused.

Meaning, we are made up of a team of professional beauty experts and top level hair stylists, and we are focused on people with hair who are here to experience our brand.

We have found most people do not know what products to buy, or how to use them.  We are working to change that by offering creative solutions for your hair needs.

Founded by a Hair Stylist, Beauty Industry Educator, & Beauty Industry Expert.  She began Edify as a way to bring her well rounded experience in the industry, that has been helping her clients behind the chair achieve their hair goals in a practical way, to the masses.


Our Vision is to see a beauty industry with integrity and happy consumers, who can make informed decisions on how to spend their time and money on their hair. So we provide advice and recommendations on hair care, styling, products and tools to help empower the every day person to make wiser hair care and styling decisions, so the deceptive brands are forced to improve or move out of the way, and the gold nuggets that truly perform can shine.

We aim to empower the consumer, beauty professional, and quality brands who demonstrate their value and performance. 

We empower the Consumer through education, information, and recommendations. 

We back our facts and opinions with the "why" behind our answer, to empower consumers to decide for themselves.

We empower the beauty professionals by providing opportunities for the driven, talented, professionals with passion and compassion, to join together to help customers on a wider scale than we ever could behind the chair, give each other a voice in a way we never could individually, that has been lacking, on the direction of products, education, regulation, certification, etc., give back to our industry by providing the kind of education and voice that is lacking, and be surrounded by like minded professionals.

We empower brands that previously may not have had an inexpensive means to get the word out about their awesome products, a way to have a larger voice without the price tag.

We believe when you look good you feel good, when you feel good you love your self and others more easily, when there is more love...the world is a better place to live.



Michelle's background as a Stylist, Industry Educator (teaching color and product knowledge to other stylists), and Business Development Manager for a salon software company, has allowed her the unique access to cosmetic chemists, the CEO's of beauty brands and insiders.
This knowledge and experience has allowed her to transform the lives of her clients by providing them ways to make educated decisions on the care and styling of their hair at home. She has also scoured the globe and tested thousands of products on herself and clients, allowing her to make recommendations to all hair types and lifestyles.
Michelle believes there is a lack of unbiased, quality information on hair care, styling, and products. She created Edify as a way to share her insight with the masses.